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Yearly Archives: 2013

This Week in Testimonials – 12/27

Thank you for your great service and quick claim service!!! Bella is the sweetest Chi and I’m so happy I have Trupanion to help with her health!!! -Peggy R. A big, and I mean BIG, shout-out to Trupanion for coming

Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Dog’s Tail Caught in Door

My first thoughts upon reading this claim were “aww, poor baby!” and yours might be, too. Poor Riley the 2-year-old German Shepherd was unfortunately in an accident where her tail got caught in a door.

This Week in Testimonials – 12/20

Thank you Trupanion Pet Insurance for the amazing coverage that helped save my life last month! Merry Christmas! -Gustave Thank you Trupanion for our awesome coverage! Our sister Lulu died at the age of 13 from liver failure on September

DOGTV for Stay at Home Dogs

Being a good pet owner means being attentive to all of your animal’s needs, and dogs, just like people, can have fairly complex emotional needs. Of course physical health is a priority,  but what about tending to your dog’s more

Pet of the Week: Ben

Hi my name is Ben and I guess I am about a year old. I was originally from Tennessee but the good folks at Bluedog Shelter in Brocton MA brought me to Massachusetts where I found my forever family. I