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25 Cats to Follow on Twitter

If you’re a pet lover and you frequent Twitter, then we have a few must-follow accounts for you! Of course, be sure to follow us too @Trupanion! Send us a tweet and we’ll follow back!

Top 5 Internet Famous Cats
@IAMLILBUB Lil Bub is famous for her unique appearance, including a tongue that is always sticking out, which is due to several genetic mutations. She tweets adorable photos of herself, and also has a YouTube channel that is worth checking out!

@RealGrumpyCat Tard the grumpy cat has easily become an internet sensation with her unique kitty frown and humorous quips. Get your daily chuckle by following Tardar Sauce’s tweets.

colonel meow grumpy cat@colonel_meow Another grumpy-looking, Colonel Meow, has also become an internet star. Recognized by his unruly fur and wide eyes, this grumpy cat is a must-add for your Twitter list. Meow’s short tweets and accompanying photos are sure to keep you entertained!

@Sockington Sockington the cat is a Twitter veteran, having had an account since 2007. With over 1.4 million followers, Sockington’s tweets are certain to entertain, if you’re a true cat lover!

@SimonsCat Simon’s Cat is a popular animated cartoon series that features a hungry cat and his antics to get food from his owner. His Twitter account features sightings of the cat all over the world, contests, and of course the latest cartoons.

20 Cats to Befriend
If you’re looking to make new friends and chat all things cat, here are some more great Twitterers, bloggers, and cat experts to follow:


More cats to follow:
@CatFoodBreath – humorous and cute cat tweets
@Abyaday – Jacoby the stroller cat and registered therapy cat
Was there someone we missed on this list? Please let us know and we’ll add them!


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