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How to Care for a Sick Pet

Nobody likes catching a cold or a bout of the stomach flu. It makes the subsequent days very boring, sleepy and uncomfortable. If you can picture your favorite dog or cat in that position – or worse – then you know they’ll need your support. With your assistance, they’ll be healthy in no time.

Golden Retrievers

Be aware of pets’ inclination to hide their sickness. They are biologically hard-wired to draw as little attention as possible to them when they are hurt or unwell. In the wild, an incapacitated animal may be left behind by its kin or become vulnerable to attack. If your pet appears uncharacteristically reticent, quiet or is behaving otherwise oddly, they may be under the weather.

Carefully monitor their symptoms for severity and persistence. It is important to gauge their pain and suffering to determine whether immediate veterinary care is needed. Certain symptoms, such as excessive diarrhea or vomiting, a bloated abdomen, or inability to urinate, require imminent vet visits to mitigate the problem. You should call your local vet if you ever have questions or concerns.

Be diligent with your at-home care as instructed by your vet. Your dog or cat will likely be recovering at home some of the time rather than in a hospital exclusively, if at all. Take care to administer their medicines and special diets if prescribed. Though your vet is the medical professional, you are the true provider for your pet and demonstrate that by caring for them on a day-to-day basis.

Respect their boundaries as they recuperate. Every pet will behave differently depending on their temperament and what they’re recovering from. Nevertheless, they will generally be less enthused by hands-on affection and may prefer the peace and quiet to simply rest. If you have young children, it’s recommended you not let them try and play with the pooch or kitty until they are feeling better.

Give them lots of playtime and affection afterwards. They will no doubt have energy to burn once they’ve got their strength and enthusiasm back. It’s just as important to care for your pet when they’re better as when they’re sick. Go to the park, go for a walk, play tug-o-war, cuddle with them, have them play with the other pets (if you have any) and celebrate their wellness. Make sure to follow the vet’s advice though if they say to shy away from vigorous activity at first.

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