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Pet Insurance Trials: Expect the Unexpected

Leo before the incident
Leo before the incident

Today, one of our claims adjusters sent an email around the office with some adorable puppy photos. I should also mention that along with the photos was a note that she had just paid a claim for over $27,000 for the two month-old Golden Retriever puppy.

And the kicker? He is on a 30-day trial of Trupanion insurance, meaning that his pet owner has not paid one cent for insurance!

According to his claim, Leo swallowed a metal object (it is unclear what the object was) and went to the veterinary clinic for foreign body surgery. Unfortunately, during surgery, Leo’s heart stopped. Veterinarians were able to revive Leo, and they kept him at the clinic for nine days to monitor his health.

Leo's owner is happy his puppy survived

This incredible story goes to show that a fairly common pet incident, such as swallowing a foreign object, can turn into an extremely unexpected situation. Fortunately, Leo was signed up for the pet insurance trial and insurance covered 90% of the bill.

Claim breakdown:
Total claim amount: $27,696.92
Deductible applied: -$0
Exam fees: -$439.50
10% co-insurance: -$2,725.74
Trupanion repaid: $24,531.68

If you have a new pet, please ask your veterinarian about a 30-day trial of Trupanion.

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