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Physical Therapy for Dogs

Imagine your furry friend has injured their leg, requiring surgery and a hospital stay. It’s no fun and quite time consuming. Once they’re back home safe and secure, it is up to you (with the sage advice and practice of your vet) to bring their quality of life back to 100%. For some, physical therapy offers innumerable benefits for healing. Consider the boon of a physical therapy plan for your pet.

Improves Mobility and Flexibility

A major advantage of pursuing physical therapy lessons is making the joints and muscles more flexible. Exercises specifically guided by physical therapists aim to strengthen the pet’s body in a holistic way. By developing greater mobility and flexibility, your pet’s overall comfort level will stay at a higher threshold for much of their life. No animal should be in excessive pain just by moving around.

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Reduces the Need for Pain Medication

Although medicine is often necessary – particularly fresh out of a major operation – weaning one’s pet off a pain prescription sooner is a reasonable goal. Physical therapy can take away some of the stress and pain in their limbs. Their health will be improved in a more pro-active manner by addressing the root of their weakness rather than just masking the discomfort.

Faster Recovery Times Post-Surgery

Physical therapy doesn’t – and in fact usually isn’t – the exclusive means of healing used for pets. On the other hand, it frequently boosts the speed of recuperation. Not only that, but once your dog or cat is better, the chance of them staying fully healed is improved by the addition of a physical therapy regimen.

Restoration of Overall Comfort and Wellness

Various exercises are used depending on the injury sustained. For example, passive range of motion activities may be led by the physician (or by you, under the guide of a professional) to flex and rotate the joints. Other restorative and therapeutic exercises include walking a leash, doing figure eights, swimming, stretching, and sit-stand movements.

The answers are nearly endless, but the conclusion leads to a single point: restoring the pet to the same level of comfort and happiness they possessed before the injury.

Coverage for Complementary Therapies

Trupanion offers a veterinary recommended plan of complementary therapies intended to augment traditional vet medicine. Among other segments of coverage – like acupuncture and cold laser therapy – physical therapy is included.

If you have questions or inquiries regarding physical therapy or complementary therapies in general, give our Customer Service Representatives a call 24/7 at 1-(800)-569-7913.

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