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Solving the Unexpected with Pet Coverage

One of the best ways to illustrate the impact of pet medical insurance is to bring it to life through concrete examples. Consider a few situations below which put you in the shoes of someone with – or without – pet insurance.

Scenario #1: New Puppy

You adopt an Australian Shepherd puppy, your first dog, from the local shelter. They recommend you get the initial batch of shots at the vet soon. When you pay a visit, your veterinarian recommends you look into pet insurance. You take some pamphlets home with you after the first exam – during which your puppy checks out just fine.

After a few days consideration, you enroll your 9 week old puppy Lima Bean in a pet coverage plan. A few weeks pass, during which time you notice a loss of appetite and energy in Lima Bean. You return to the vet only to discover your puppy has diabetes.

Thanks to your early, responsive enrollment for Lima Bean, every medication, surgery and hospital visit associated with the lifelong condition is covered. Without pet insurance, the financial magnitude would be significantly more daunting. You’re relieved to be paying a reasonable monthly amount to cover Lima Bean’s health.

Australian Shepherd

Scenario #2: Long-time Pet Owner

You’ve had lots of pets over the years – dogs, cats, rabbits, you name it.  They’ve always proved to be remarkably healthy with above average longevity. The pet you presently own is a cat named Murphy.

Murphy is 11 years old and a resilient feline through and through. He’s never injured a paw or come down with a bout of sickness. Because of this, and your history of healthy pets, you don’t have insurance.

All that changes after Murphy experiences a painful urinary infection. The treatment requires several vet visits and quite a bit of medication. You are forced to pay the significant sum out of pocket and end up reconsidering the value of pet insurance.

After weighing the pros and cons between companies carefully, you decide to insure Murphy for the first time. Over the last two years of Murphy’s life, the decision saves you thousands of dollars: his cancer diagnosis as an elderly cat is made a lot easier thanks to your plan. The unexpected becomes manageable.

Scenario #3: Parent of Young Kids

Having a few little kids running around is plenty to manage, but you and your spouse decide to get a new dog. It is a young dog to grow up with your three young children. Finn is a Border Collie with lots of energy and smarts. The house is an exciting handful.

You and the family discuss insurance. Having seen how much your children get bumped and bruised – and recalling prior pets and their injuries – you settle on an affordable plan for Finn. You know the unpredictable can arrive at your doorstep at any moment.

Sure enough, one day while playing out in the front yard, your youngest daughter chases Finn up the stairs into the house. They are playing and fumbling around, only to take a tumble back down the stairs. You hear your daughter crying and yelps coming from Finn. She is just a little shaken up, but it looks like Finn has sprained or possibly broken a foot.

Visiting the vet for diagnosis, medication and physical therapy becomes a cinch because of your pet insurance plan. You aren’t stressed about Finn thanks to the broad support your insurance provides.

Peace of Mind

These are just a few pet stories among many. While each person’s experience with a pet will be unique, having pet coverage provides a foundation to rely on through thick and thin. You and your pet deserve a full, stress-free life.


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