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This Week in Testimonials – 1/18

Funny story – I was arguing with a woman I work with about who has the best insurance – we finally duked it out and realized we both were under Trupanion  -Sara B.

I have a very sick dog insured with Trupanion.Everything about this company is over 100% .My boy would have been gone without there caring and help they provide. -Joe S.

This is Mia…Trupanion puppy since Feb 2012! The coverage came in very handy with the recent root canal she needed! -Danielle W.


If it was not not for Trupanion….Pottsee would not be with us today~! THANK YOU ~! -Tracey B.

@Trupanion Thanks for insurance…. Her stitches are out now -@GetAppandGo

dog stitches head pet insurance Trupanion

We have been clients of Trupanion/Vetinsurance for nigh on a decade. Lucia is our second dog to be insured through them. We are very fortunate as she developed some very serious health issues including Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, high blood pressure and a collapsed disc that necessitated a spine operation. She is happy and healthy and, with daily meds, living a normal (and hopefully long) life. Thanks Trupanion. -Duke E.


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