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This Week in Testimonials – 1/25

our happy Boston Terrier who is now healthy and on the right seizure medication thanks to Trupanion! -Melanie E.


Love having my coverage through Trupanion – I pray you make lots of money from me and i never have to use you …..Love my pups beyond words – thank you for being there for us -Margie G.

Best pet insurance company ever! -Lorna B.

Thank for helping with my dog Franklin’s recent vet hospital bill. This is the first time I have had pet insurance – impressed that Trupanion came through exactly as promised in my policy. -Richard D.

We use this for Chester. There are downloadable claim forms, that you send in with the Vet’s receipts. We’ve been satisfied with their service. If you’re looking for a pet policy, check them out. -Anna E.

Trupanion is terrific, keep up the good work! -Stacy L.

We were grateful that we had Marshallow (“Melo”) insured with Trupanion when he chased a “wascally wabbit and severed his paw tendons on lawn edging. He got the best of care from the emergency hospital of our choice and follow-up care at our own vets! -Theresa S.


Trupanion is the best pet insurance! My dog Radar was attacked by another dog-resulting in loss of the use of his hind legs and severe spinal injuries. Thanks to Trupanion, we were able to afford 2 spinal surgeries and Radar has regained the use of his legs and is walking again. Thank you Trupanion! -Andra Y.


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