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Trupanion’s Top 5 Instagram Pics of January 2013

Did you know that we’re on Instagram? We love all things pets, so of course we’re posting photos! Follow @trupanion on Instagram to keep up with our office dog and cat shenanigans, and we may even share a photo of your pet!

“Not your ordinary desk job” – Office pug Fig peeks over the cubicle wall
“Iris the desk kitty was rescued from a barn with a bit of plant in her eye. Veterinarians took care of her and she was adopted by a #Trupanion employee who brings her to work every day.”
“Puppy loving at the office today. This is Peaches!” – one of our dog walkers brought in her new puppy to show off!
“Jasper is in the office!”
Guthrie the Trupanion pet insurance office dog's birthday
Happy 9th birthday Guthrie!

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