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5 Very Energetic Dog Breeds

For some people, a lap dog or calm and independent cat is the perfect pet. For others, they want a pet that demands more of them when it comes to mental and physical exercise. Consider the following five breeds (listed in alphabetical order) that are some of the most energetic canines out there.

Australian Shepherd

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These medium sized dogs are intelligent animals that have become well-adjusted as family pets. They are known for their exceptional obedience and loyalty to their owner. That close relationship is built around their desire for strenuous exercise – give them plenty of it or they will get stir crazy over time.

Border collie

Border collie in sand

The Border collie breed is touted for its superlative intelligence and willingness to work.     They were originally bred to be herding dogs and many are still used for that purpose. Nevertheless, they are increasingly common family pets due to their love and affection for people. Giving them considerable amounts of exercise is critical though. They have a tendency to destroy things or develop neurotic habits if left without work consistently.

Labrador retriever

Labrador retreivers trio

These classic family dogs are perpetually friendly and easygoing, so it’s no wonder they are chosen for pets so often. Their friendliness is mixed with a persistent urge to run around and play. Labs really enjoy playing fetch or Frisbee, and will keep up with their owner as long as the game continues. Their desire to chase should be met on a daily basis – or else they are bound to get wound up.

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terriers are small dogs with large appetites for adventure. Thanks to their fearlessness and eagerness to work, they are often used in television and film. As personal pets, they make for athletic, energetic sidekicks. Go for a run or play with them in the yard. Just make sure to keep them busy or else they might begin to chew, tear and dig through items in one’s house.

Siberian husky

Siberian Husky

Siberian huskies’ history can be traced back to the Siberian Arctic where they were bred by the native Chukchi people. They are excellent sled dogs but can fit in well with most families or active single owners. As crafty dogs, they often figure out creative ways to escape past gates and fences. Siberian huskies’ impressive drive to run and exert energy can be tempered with fun activity every day.


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