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7 Cats to Follow on Instagram

Cats seem to be particularly internet savvy, having a very visual presence, so of course they would be all over Instagram, the social network for posting nothing but photos. There are a few cats in particular who have become very popular on Instagram. Check them out!

eyebrows cat Instagram sam@samhaseyebrows – This unique cat has markings that resemble eyebrows so he always has an interesting facial expression! With nearly 24,000 followers, this cat’s photos certainly won’t disappoint.

@snoopybabe – Don’t let the name fool you; Snoopy Babe is a male Exotic Shorthair cat with a face that has attracted over 160,000 followers. Check out this cute flat-faced cat!

@emonemon – Shishi-Maru is a Scottish Fold with quite a unique personality according to the photos on his Instagram account. His 12,000+ followers seem to agree!

@nala_cat – Nala is a 3-year-old shelter rescue with a sweet face. It’s unclear as to how she gained over 500,000 followers. Maybe it’s those beautiful blue eyes!

@_daisy – When Daisy the 5-year-old kitty isn’t posting precious sleeping photos, she’s posing photogenically for the camera. Join her 80,000+ followers to enjoy her regular Instagram updates.

Instagram cat utacci scottish fold

@ken_dayo – Kenichi the cat has interesting photos that stray from the typicall cute sleeping cat theme. He’s got interesting pics that include him atop a roof, inside a box, and spending time with his cat-friends. Kenichi has nearly 30,000 followers.

@utacci – This 3-year-old Scottish Fold posts a steady stream of adorable floppy-eared cat photos! This sweet kitty looks adorable wrapped in a blanket, sitting like a human, and more.

Are you following @trupanion on Instagram? We’ve got a few cat photos of our own!

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