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7 Weird Cat Habits


As well as you may know your furry friend, there are certain to be a few behaviors that puzzle you.  Just what is going through your cat’s head as it is chasing seemingly invisible objects or attacking your ankles?

Below are 7 weird cat habits and their anthropological origins.

Also known as “making biscuits,” cats often knead their owner’s arms, legs and even on occasion, face.  Why do they do this?  When they were wee kittens, they used their paws to stimulate the milk flow from their mother’s nipples.  So, basically, they’re saying “Mommy” when they knead you.

Suckling fingers
Another replication of their initial days, weeks and months of kittenhood, a cat has a flashback to the safety and comfort of their beginning when they suckle your fingers.

Dropping ‘killed’ toys in front of you
Sometimes a cat will enter a room, dragging a toy in his mouth, and drop it before an owner.  (At times some very strange yowling accompanies the action.)  This is the feline method of showing appreciation and affection to its owner.  Unfortunately, in some cases, your pal has played with something entirely too real – cats have been known to “make presents” of dead rodents.

Eye blink
Cats frequently “stare down” each other to establish dominance and territory.  Eye contact and a slow blink, however, is your cat’s way of saying you don’t threaten him.  To return the favor, close your eyes slowly and open them.

If you head-butted a friend or co-worker to say “hello,” you’d likely get some strange looks and possibly even a restraining order.  Yet for cats, this is a friendly, albeit potentially painful, greeting. According to Animal Planet, it’s also possibly a way of making a “territorial claim” to you.

Ankle attacks
Along with jumping, contorting and recklessly racing around, ankle attacks are a way for cats to improve their predatory skills to better exist in the wild.  Though they don’t have to hunt the game in your cat food can, they still feel an anthropological impulse to stay in fighting shape.

Spraying is less weird than infuriating – and a very hard habit to break.  When male cats spray (i.e. urinate on things), they are generally marking their territory, thus asserting their dominance.  On the other hand, insecure cats have been known to spray as a fear response.

Does your cat do any or all of the above?  Which one’s the weirdest?  Let us know in the comments below.


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