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7 Weird Cat Habits


As well as you may know your furry friend, there are certain to be a few behaviors that puzzle you.  Just what is going through your cat’s head as it is chasing seemingly invisible objects or attacking your ankles?

Below are 7 weird cat habits and their anthropological origins.

Also known as “making biscuits,” cats often knead their owner’s arms, legs and even on occasion, face.  Why do they do this?  When they were wee kittens, they used their paws to stimulate the milk flow from their mother’s nipples.  So, basically, they’re saying “Mommy” when they knead you.

Suckling fingers
Another replication of their initial days, weeks and months of kittenhood, a cat has a flashback to the safety and comfort of their beginning when they suckle your fingers.

Dropping ‘killed’ toys in front of you
Sometimes a cat will enter a room, dragging a toy in his mouth, and drop it before an owner.  (At times some very strange yowling accompanies the action.)  This is the feline method of showing appreciation and affection to its owner.  Unfortunately, in some cases, your pal has played with something entirely too real – cats have been known to “make presents” of dead rodents.

Eye blink
Cats frequently “stare down” each other to establish dominance and territory.  Eye contact and a slow blink, however, is your cat’s way of saying you don’t threaten him.  To return the favor, close your eyes slowly and open them.

If you head-butted a friend or co-worker to say “hello,” you’d likely get some strange looks and possibly even a restraining order.  Yet for cats, this is a friendly, albeit potentially painful, greeting. According to Animal Planet, it’s also possibly a way of making a “territorial claim” to you.

Ankle attacks
Along with jumping, contorting and recklessly racing around, ankle attacks are a way for cats to improve their predatory skills to better exist in the wild.  Though they don’t have to hunt the game in your cat food can, they still feel an anthropological impulse to stay in fighting shape.

Spraying is less weird than infuriating – and a very hard habit to break.  When male cats spray (i.e. urinate on things), they are generally marking their territory, thus asserting their dominance.  On the other hand, insecure cats have been known to spray as a fear response.

Does your cat do any or all of the above?  Which one’s the weirdest?  Let us know in the comments below.

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15 Responses to 7 Weird Cat Habits

  1. Leah says:

    My female cat Mama Mia, loves to play she will play then take the toy away from you and walk to another section of the house and play a few seconds on her own, but sometimes while doing this she meows like a sad meow. We always thought it was because she was looking for our male cat, I now believe the meow is for us. Thanks for the tips! My other favorite that is not listed, is smelling faces, I call it kitty kisses, because they do it to each other as well.

  2. Diane says:

    My 18 lb cat baby lays on his back and looks up at me wanting his belly rub he has done that since he came to us 5 years ago when someone dropped him on our doorstep and he was maybe 4 weeks old.He makes us soooo happy.

  3. Colette says:

    My cat loves to be picked up. He immediately relaxes and goes limp. Best of all he likes to be draped around my shoulders while I walk around to observe the world from a new perspective. He isn’t any sort of purebred, just a domestic shorthaired tuxedo cat adopted from a shelter.

  4. Leah says:

    Papa Gino our male cat, his favorite is getting his belly rubbed and under the chin. When you do this he usually passes out immediately, then does the sleep twitching for a few minutes. Then he wakes up and looks so dazed, so cute!

  5. Mary says:

    My cat, Callie, LOVES to SMELL & LICK my hair!!!! I DON’T KNOW or UNDERSTAND WHY she does this tho; she also HEADBUTTS the bathtub whenever I am in the bathroom & she goes in there with me—-I DON’T
    KNOW oe UNDERSTAND WHY she does this either!!!!
    Whenever I fill her food dish, she rakes part of it out, so
    NOW, I’ve gotten to where I put her food & water dishes over in the
    bathtub so when she makes a mess, it doesn’t go ALL OVER the FLOOR, it stays in the tub & is much EASIER to clean up that way!!!!
    Sometimes, even though she headbutts the tub, she’ll even headbutt
    my ankles too!!! Sometimes she gets up on the edge of the tub & gets in my lap while I’m in the bathroom, & lays doen in my lap waiting for me to pet her!!!

  6. suzanne beaudoin says:

    I’m kind of blown away and not sure what it means . My mother has a big lazy tabby cat.
    I know that cat have been known to have intuition about health issues. My mom’s cat kept on massaging the same spot on my mom low part of her breast. After a while my mom found a mass on her breast.She decided to go and have it check in the ER. The doctor told her to get a mamogram right away.Mom needed to be reassured so that she could go on with her life. Thanks to the cat its being done right now. She is presently having a mamogram.
    Luck of fluke? ???? Who cares .
    If a diagnose is done in time with the help of the cat , more power to the cat.
    I thank the cat for its ability to make a difference in my mom’s life.
    We should never dismiss the action of a pet as they are way more sensitive to every single change that happens in the non-so obvious world of the senses.
    We pray that God will give us some good news.
    Our respect for the cat is real .
    So dont dismiss any other type of behavior from your loved pet.

    • Frank Reesby says:

      My dear wife was ill with Dementia when she was given a two month old Siamese kitten by the Family. He was flown from Ohio with our Son and the same evening that he arrived he jumped on my wife’s lap, and stayed there all night long. The following two weeks he hardly left her side often stretched out alongside her in her bed. My bride of 57 years died and the kitten now six months old often sits staring at her chair and sleeping in it. He has even made my hair raise a couple of times when he has jumped to his feet, back curled, tail bushed out, ears flattened, staring at her chair. Of course cats know more, they have to, and that recognition is helping me to accept my wife’s loss.

  7. Trista says:

    My cat does meowing in some certain areas like the entrance of the door.

    She also like scratching the corners of the bathtub, underneath the computer desk.

  8. Susan N says:

    My 2 yr old tuxedo, Petunia, kneads us anywhere she can reach, but mostly loves to knead our hands/fingers when we’re rubbing her belly.
    My 3 month old, Angus, however hasn’t started kneading, but he does love to lick us. Anywhere will do. On occassion as we’re settling down for bed, he will start to lick my forehead and closed eye lids.

  9. Jenny says:

    My Chester (orange tabby Maine Coon) will act like he is burying his food or water by scratching with both paws alternating (no claws out) the wood floor in front of the dishes. Its almost like he’s running in place with just his front paws. Similarly, if I leave a magazine or other smooth/glossy paper out, he will “scratch” that too. He also has an affinity for my slippers. I find them in different places of the house or in his cat bed all chewed up.

  10. sue says:

    One of my cats LOVES the smell of bleach and will attempt to roll in any wet spot that I cleaned using bleach. he is the same weird cat that loves to like photos and the clear window in envelopes lol

  11. Destiny says:

    My 17 1/2 pound cat tigger has a bed time routine and if I don’t do my part he’ll keep me up all night and for my 2 year old kitten jewel she will go into my room and take whatever she can to walk around with it in her mouth and does not touch anyone else’s stuff

  12. Hilary says:

    My Sphynx Sergei suckled his stomach his entire life! It weirded other people out but I thought it was adorable. He also loved the ankle attacks but I sure didn’t!

  13. Athan Loukakis says:

    My 11 year old tuxedo cat loves to talk. He is last word freak. Some times we talk for several minutes. He can differentiate a question from a statement. If you ask a question he responds but he does not respond to statements. I can’t picture life without “Nero” he’s the best.

  14. Julie says:

    Sam, my dsh loves to suckle and knead on bumpy and furry blankets. That’s weird, huh? Even weirder, he purrs while doing it!

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