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Guest Post: Jowls or Howls? What Your Dog Says About You

Black labrador retriever According to the Humane Society, there are more than 78 million dogs owned as pets in the US, which is 39% of total households. The American people have spoken, and their voices are a chorus of “woof woof woof.” Dogs have been our best friends since we were clubbing saber tooth tigers to death in cave. Since then, they’ve obviously evolved into a buffet of ferocious, strange and adorable furry friends. But what does your preference in dog breed say about you?

Bullmastiffs and Guard Dogs

These foreboding fur-titans may look like they could command an army, but they’re far more likely to make your heart stand at attention. They’re known for being uncoordinated puppies and very sensitive, caring adults. According to a New York Times interview, famed director Michael Bay is a huge fan of the breed, frequently seen chauffeuring his mastiffs Grace and Bonecrusher around town in an Cadillac Escalade. As Transformers director Bay knows, Bullmastiffs are a magnificent handful, and better suited for ambitious people who aren’t afraid to take on a challenge, like Mr. Bay himself.

Pugs and Toys

The pug’s modus operandi is “multim in parvo,” which means in Latin, “a lot in a little.” And boy does this furry little friend fit the bill. The jovial pug has been a favorite of Asian and European royalty for ages, and the only dog that’s sole breeding purpose has always been for companionship. This makes the pug sound like it’s a great dog for a diva, but in fact, that isn’t the case.

Pug owners like Jessica Alba, Gerard Butler and Valentino know that the pug requires little maintenance beyond their craving for love and attention. The pug is perfect for those looking to establish a deep bond with the faithful little companion, those who like to exercise, but they don’t have to climb to the top of a mountain or get too extreme and who always like to come home to cuddles and kisses.

Labradors and Hunting Dogs

Labradors are the ultimate dog’s dog. They’re just as eager for a pat on the back as they are to fetch your latest hunt. Big, boisterous and lovable, they have a water resistant coat and webbed feet that make them expert swimmers, perfect for any extreme outdoor extravaganza – from icy waters to diving off the edge of a boat.

According to Ask Men, Labradors are also one of the “manliest” family dogs you can own, even though they easily charm you with their adorable facial expressions and smart-as-a-whip attitude. They have a natural desire to fetch, and have been the preferred hunting companions of nobility for centuries. Whatever dog you have or are in the market for, millions of people- kings, stars like filmmaker Bay and Jessica Alba to Average Joes all share your love and enthusiasm for four paws and a wet nose.

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