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Pet of the Week: Frankie and Freckles

Say hello to this week’s Pets of the Week, Frankie and Freckles!

About Frankie
Lab mix dog blue eyes pet insurance TrupanionOur home had long been a fur-ever home to second-hand adult dogs.  The opportunity presented itself to adopt and raise a blue eyed puppy from a litter of 11.  There was one pup who lay on top of the pack whose eyes followed us when we came into the room.  Before long he was ours and on the way home we discovered he had a nasty case of motion sickness emphasized with vomit and drool.  It took him 18 months to grow out of it!  Ick.

On that first drive home we came up with the name Frankie after  “Old Blue Eyes – Frank Sinatra.”

As a puppy Frank chewed through an amazing amount of people stuff.  Yet he fit in well with the dogs and cats in our family.  Our blind cat Ernestine beats him up all the time, (but doesn’t bother any of our other dogs).  Frankie remains patient with her. (We have video!) He’s a gentle giant, much loved, and sometimes still – a little challenging.


About Freckles:
I don’t know how to describe Freckles – but I will say that the moment she hopped out of her previous owner’s car – ears flopping and a grin on her face – we knew we were in trouble.

Freckles is the first dog I’ve ever contemplated returning to its owner. She was unbelievably active and could go over and under fences.  We clocked her running in the fenced field at about 22 kph running beside the vehicle on the driveway.  One night we heard an unusual crash only to discover that Freckles had made her way from a seat onto the island in our kitchen and was devouring the cat food that we thought was out of reach.

She was rough and tumble and when Frankie came along (he was so little and young) they played a bit too hard and it wasn’t long until Freckles put Frankie into a neck brace.  Now that he’s ten times her size he’s been making up for lost time ever since. We regularly have to remind him that Freckles is not a chew toy.

Freckles loves affection and when cuddled and stroked she moans and purrs like a cat.  Now I’d never part with this michevous dog – but it’s a good thing we have 37 acres for her to romp in.

Thank you so much to Ceri for sharing your precious four-leggers’ stories with us! It sounds like there is never a dull moment around your house!

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