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Pet of the Week: Frost

White dog named Frost is Trupanion's pet of the weekWe would like to introduce you to this week’s Pet of the Week, Frost the Kuvasz!

I live on a farm in Metchosin and take care of lots and LOTS of chickens and geese and other birds. I love to lay in the meadow with my bird friends around me and scare away the eagles and other predators.I also have four cat friends that I live and play with in my spare time!

Blood Donor
I am a universal blood Donor Dog: Donations: 12! and I have LOTS of blood, so my work with the Blood Donor Clinic is very valuable. I love it when the dogs I have helped send me letters to let me know how they are getting along!

Big white dog with little girl
Photo by Brian Domney

Animal Therapy Visitor
Pacific Animal Therapy Society (PATS) is an animal therapy program which operates primarily on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Volunteers take their pets to visit hospitals, retirement facilities, group homes, schools, preschools, daycares and other facilities where residents benefit from interaction with pets. PATS also provides private visits by request.

Thank you to Melinda for letting us get to know Frost!

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