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This Week in Testimonials – 2/1

Hi there, Our lovely kittens “Belly & Button” are insured by Trupanion. Recently we had to take Button to the vet hospital because of a thankfully minor health problem. It was the first time we had used the services offered through Trupanion and we wanted to say thank you to “Heather” and the rest of your staff that were so SUPER efficient & friendly. I’ve added pics of Belly (beigy lilac) & Button (silvery grey).
Thank you, Charlene & Ryan W.

We love our Barley. Thank you Trupanion for being there when he needed it!! -Teresa M.


Thank you Trupanion for helping me take good care of Oswald! -Becky B.

Oswald the yellow labrador retriever dog in the snow is covered by Trupanion pet insurance

Kudos to Trupanion for their fast claim process!! Submitted Saturday and closed and paid today, Wednesday!!!! Thank you! -Helene G.

Eyes fixed, cone off and Trupanion tag on! -Marie H.

Braveheart dog had eye surgery covered by Trupanion pet insurance

I truly believe this is the best pet insurance. The fact that the premium doesn’t go up as the animal ages is a great benefit! -Alice S.

Another great experience with Trupanion — and I’m spreadin’ the news! Thank you for your lightning fast service! Trupanion is PAWSOME! -Kathy G.

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