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This Week in Testimonials – 2/22

Big thanks to @Trupanion for being amazing! My wonderful dog is getting better and having insurance is helping make it possible! -@nononsensedani

Buying some @trupanion insurance for Theodore! Really a great deal for what they offer… I’m impressed. #doglover #dazzdog -@DamianDazz

Just got back from the vets (again!). Last week they tried to do a second needle aspirate on the lump under Frida’s jaw but were unable to get any liquid. The first needle aspirate determined that the lump was not a tumour, but was some kind of bacterial infection. The second was supposed to determine exactly what kind of bacteria was present, so that they could prescribe the correct antibiotic. When they couldn’t get anything last week we decided to wait a bit and see if it (the lump) continued to grow, or started to clear up. It grew, so we went back today and this time they were able to get a good sample. They are sending it off for both aerobic and anaerobic cultures, and they also tested her urine and determined that she has a urinary tract infection as well – the two may or may not be connected. Now she is on Clavamox, and we should get all the test results back middle of next week. Thank goodness she is insured with Trupanion, ‘cos none of this is cheap! -Moira M.

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