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This Week in Testimonials – 2/8

Thank you for the speedy service when Lola had a horrible lump removed from her leg! The good news is, it was benign….woohoo! The best-dog-in-the-world will be okay and we’re grateful for all you did for us! -Roxanne E.

Lola the Trupanion-insured golden retriever dog


Received an email from you today with Subject “Trupanion Premium Change Notification” – TOTALLY expected to see a rate increase, can’t tell you how delighted I was to read you were decreasing my premiums! Thank you Trupanion!! In my experience, your company, service and people are excellent. You really are an example of what every insurance company should aspire to be and I recommend you to everyone! -Layla J.

Dear Trupanion just wanted to say thank you for the great service, I tell all my friends and family about the insurance plan we have for our husky after the claims we submitted in the last week and your response time efficient fast and informative I will continue to spread the good word! Thanks again signed a very happy pet owner 🙂 -Michelle I.

This handsome devil has cost us over $7500 in unexpected vet bills since we got him, and he’s not even a year and a half old! His bad eye and bad knee have had ongoing problems and we’re still not out of the woods yet with either condition. Aside from 2 deductibles ($500 each) Trupanion has paid out each and every one of Barkley’s claims just as they promise to do. Honestly, if it weren’t for Trupanion there is NO WAY we would ever have been able to afford the care he has needed, which included a referral to a surgeon at a veterinary hospital 3 hours away from us! You can’t see his Trupanion tag in this picture, but it’s there, and he and every other pet I ever own will be Trupanion customers for life! -Jessica T.

Barkley has had several health issues in his young life, all covered by Trupanion pet insurance


Thank you very much for your support in working with our vets for Bubbles’ back surgery. The express claims made it possible to have the needed medical care. AWESOME PET INSURANCE!!!!! -Krystal S.

Bubbles the Dachshund is covered by Trupanion pet insurance


@Trupanion Thanks for processing my claim quickly and for the reimbursement- you guys are the best! #petinsurance #quality -@lrbweitzel

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2 Responses to This Week in Testimonials – 2/8

  1. Lior Bendat says:

    How did you premiums go down? My dog’s premium went up at EXACTLY the one year mark (not the 1.5 – 2 years claimed) by 26%. How’s that possible?!

    • Stacy says:

      Our premiums are based on current costs of a pet like yours taking into account it’s breed, age at enrollment, chosen deductible, and the region where you live. At each review, premiums may go up, down, or stay the same. When they go up, it is a sign that more pets like yours are making veterinary visits and filing claims, and when they go down, the average pet like yours is making less trips to the vet. I hope this helps but please feel free to give us a call for further clarity! 800-569-7913

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