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Top 4 Dog Diet Misconceptions

1. Dogs shouldn’t eat human food. This belief is true to a degree, but it is not an absolute, ironclad rule. Examples of human foods that are dangerous or deadly for pets to consume include chocolate, grapes, raisins, caffeine, and alcohol. These should be avoided 100% of the time.

On the other hand, some common staples of the human diet can also supplement a canine’s meals. Fresh fruit and vegetables are vibrant and nutritious – particularly apples, bananas, carrots, and spinach.

2. Digestive issues arise if a dog’s diet changes often. This may be the case in the short term, but only because dogs’ stomachs become so accustomed to the same dog food every day, that anything new is a shock to their system. Incorporating a more diverse and well-balanced diet into your dog’s life will make it healthier as well as more resistant to an upset stomach.

People would get bored if they literally ate the same thing every day for years. There’s no reason not to make your pet’s diet more interesting so long as it is sensible, affordable and nutritious. You can incorporate cooked meat like chicken, lamb and pork into their dog food – as well as fruits or veggies – to strengthen their stomach and provide them with rich nutrients.

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3. If you do choose to feed your dog human food, they will start to beg a lot more. This behavior does not depend on what you feed them but rather how you handle them when you and your family are eating. Do your best to deter begging by having them in another room when you dine or to train them from an early age that begging is not okay. Make sure to always feed your dog out of its bowl and not from the dinner table – that will help establish boundaries.

4. Foods other than dog food will negatively affect their weight. This assumption is a misconception because one’s dog could just as easily become overweight on a diet of purely dog food. Moderation and balance is crucial on a daily basis. Pet owners have the responsibility to provide a mix of foods that are healthy and enjoyable. A fusion of dog food and human food (cooked meat, fruits, and vegetables) can accomplish this goal. Regular exercise is equally important to maintain a reasonable weight for one’s pooch.


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