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Trupanion Valentine’s Day Survey – Results

Trupanion Valentine’s Day Survey – Who Would We Rather Sleep With, Be Stranded With On A Desert Island and Who Do We Look Forward To Seeing Most When We Get Home?

Pets Win Paws Down!

Dog kissHere at Trupanion, we regularly witness the dedication pet owners feel for their pets – pet owners spending tens of thousands of dollars in veterinary care to keep their pet alive and well is not uncommon.

So it got us to thinking – exactly how far does this dedication reach?

During the month of January, Trupanion surveyed 1,000 pet owners to find out, asking them about the devotion they feel for their pet vs. their significant other. Of the 1,000 participants, 86% share their home with one or more dogs, and 73% share their home with one or more cats. See what they had to say below.

Stranded on a Desert Island

57% of pet owners said they would rather be stranded on a desert island with their pet than their significant other. I guess puppy play on the beach is just too good to pass up.

Sweet Slumber

Bad news for lovers: 65% of pet owners stated they would rather sleep in bed with their pet than their significant other.

Coming Home Hugs

An overwhelming 92% of pet owners said they more look forward to their pet greeting them at the door than their significant other. Nothing beats that tail-wagging welcome!

Giving Gifts

Interestingly, with all the love pet owners have for their pets, slightly less than half (49%) will be buying them a gift this Valentine’s Day, as opposed to 60% of pet owners who plan to purchase a Valentine’s Day gift for their significant other.

Lovers Finally Prosper

Feeling like second fiddle to the pets in the house? Not to worry, 59% of pet owners would rather spend Valentine’s Day with their significant other than their pet.

Did you participate in the survey? How do you feel about the results?

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