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TruStory: Charlie the Boxer

boxer dog on bed

Our boxer Charlie will be 11 years old in March of this year. Charlie has been a member of our family since he was 13 weeks old. We enrolled him in the Vet Insurance program (now Trupanion) almost immediately, because we never wanted to make health decisions for Charlie based on financial circumstances.  Our experience with your plan has been absolutely exceptional! Charlie has always been given the best of care since he has been with us. Our Veterinarian and the rest of the staff at our clinic have always helped us provide  the very best proactive and preventative canine care. Even so, Charlie has had some medical issues over the years which we have had to address. It has been through these times that we have prevailed upon our Trupanion plan and have never been disappointed.  We know that other pet owners with other plans have not been as fortunate.  So, from Charlie and his Family, thank you for your comprehensive plan and exceptional service. YOU ARE FIRST CLASS ALL THE WAY!!!


Tim and Nicole Greengoe (Victoria, BC)

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