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What if pets had superpowers?

Comic book superheroes have become an indelible part of cultures all over the world through the 20th century and into the 21st. Just about everybody is familiar with icons like Superman and Batman. But what if the world was suddenly populated with super-pets? Think about some of the silly powers dogs and cats might use to their advantage.

Blue Heelers with flight

Blue Heeler

This breed produces renowned herding dogs that have been used for hundreds of years. Blue Heelers with flight would be a true force on the pasture. They could circle around the herd overhead and dart down to make them go where they need to go. Watching a dog fly over an open field would be unforgettable.

Siamese Cats that can pass through walls

Siamese cat

These distinct looking pets with vivid blue eyes are very friendly felines. Being able to walk through surfaces would make cuddling up with their family even easier. If they wanted to be sneaky, going from room to room regardless of locked doors might give them access to their favorite treat or toy. Siamese cats would become stealth cats.

Pugs with the power to read minds


Though short in stature, these squishy-faced pooches offer up plenty of affection and charm for their owners. Imagine if a pug could read the mind of their owner and understand it. They’d know when the person is too tired to play or where their extra food has been stashed. Super-intelligent, mind-reading pugs could change the world.

Golden Retrievers that make toys appear

Golden Retriever

A quintessential dog for families and kids, the Golden Retriever is a loyal, loving animal. They enjoy quality playtime with a tug-o-war rope or tennis ball. What better superpower for them to possess than the ability to make toys appear out of thin air? Coming home from work one day to a house overflowing with dog toys would be a wild surprise. Golden Retrievers might abuse their toy-making power quickly.

How about your pet?

What kind of superpower do you think your dog or cat would have? Send us your fun ideas via email to socialmedia@trupanion.com – or share a photo of them in a cape or superhero costume!

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