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Monthly Archives: March 2013

8 Foods Your Cat Should Avoid

Cats can be mischievous pets sometimes, snooping around for morsels left out in the open. They don’t mean to do themselves harm, but something that smells tasty may nevertheless be dangerous for them. Let’s take a look at a quick

This Week in Testimonials – 3/29

This is my little guy Charlie .. I just switched insurance companies to Trupanion and so glad I did , and so glad I have the right plan as well! Thanks a bunch! -Cassandra M. Thanks for the new bling!

6 Essential Puppy Nutrition Tips

It is amazing to witness the phenomenal growth that takes place over a puppy’s first six months. This accelerated development means they are particularly fragile though – and are therefore left vulnerable to sickness, injury and health problems if not

5 Terms to Know on Pet Food Labels

Every loving pet owner wants the best for their dog or cat. A considerable piece of that puzzle is a healthy, reliable diet. That being said, with so many pet food companies competing for people’s business, it’s important to arm

What to Do When You Have A Destructive Cat

Who doesn’t love an adorable little cat? These sweet faces have plenty of love to give, but sometimes, your pets can start to act a bit destructive. What steps can you take when your cat starts to misbehave or even