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5 Craziest Cat Toys

Cats, like children, will tire of most toys eventually. That’s why new variations on a few classic themes are constantly hitting the pet store shelves. There’s the chase toys, the climbing structures, things that dangle from sticks, and toys that act as vehicles for catnip.

There will always be a certain amount of guesswork involved in buying cat toys. Since cats aren’t able to come out and tell us what they want, you can buy them things you think they’ll like based on previous experience, or you can just buy toys that you think are cool and see what happens. Here are a few cat toy ideas that are so crazy they might manage to keep you and your cat entertained.

Cat Scratch Turntable

Let’s face it; watching cats do human things is hilarious. But, as anyone who has ever tried to get a cat to wear an outfit can tell you, cats don’t seem very interested in playing human. Enter DJ Cat Scratch Turntable, the cat toy that transforms your kitten into a hip club DJ. Featuring a cardboard deck and movable arm (sans needle), the Cat Scratch Turntable provides a scratching surface for your cat and a good laugh for everyone else. Now if you could only convince your cat to wear some tiny headphones.

Crazy Circle

crazy kittenSome of the best cat toys revolve about the concept of a cat coming really close to catching something, only to have it move away in the last instance. A feather strung to a stick is a simple and effective version of the game of keep-away. The Crazy Circle takes this concept and evolves it so humans are no longer necessary. Cats can touch the bright yellow ball inside of the Crazy Circle’s track, but any attempt to grab the ball sends it spinning around perpetually out of reach.

Catnip Cigars

After a long day of napping in the window sill what more could a cat ask for than to lay back, relax, enjoy a cigar… and then go completely crazy and roll all over the floor. Not all cats are attracted to catnip but for the ones that are, Catnip Cigars will be the most desirable item in their toy box. At least until the scent wears off. These little treats are cased in thick cotton twill and are sturdy enough to withstand plenty of pawing, gnawing and, yes, drooling.

Bloodshot Eyeball Catnip Toy

For another crazy item on the catnip tip, how about a hand felted bloodshot eyeball? These comically gruesome toys can be custom ordered in any eye color you’d like and are roughly the size of a human eyeball. Filled with organic catnip, and featuring a red optic nerve “tail,” your cat will look super creepy rubbing this toy all over its face.

Tank Playhouse

It is weirdly adorable to see a cat apparently in charge of operating a tiny tank. This toy definitely falls under the more-fun-for-humans category. Once the cat is in this little cardboard war vessel they’ve pretty much exhausted the possibilities of the toy, but some cats will get a kick out of just hiding inside and peeking out of the top.

Of course, if the craziest of crazy cat toys fails to interest your kitty, tossing an empty cardboard box in the middle of the living room floor might do the trick.

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