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8 Foods Your Cat Should Avoid

Cats can be mischievous pets sometimes, snooping around for morsels left out in the open. They don’t mean to do themselves harm, but something that smells tasty may nevertheless be dangerous for them. Let’s take a look at a quick guide below for foods to keep far out of reach of your feline.

1. Onions


  • Bad for cats in all variations (raw, cooked, powder, etc.)
  • Harms red blood cells which can lead to anemia over time
  • May lead to upset stomach/gastrointestinal issues

2. Milk/Dairy Products


  • Kittens can usually digest dairy okay; full grown cats typically cannot digest it well
  • Digestion problems, upset stomach and diarrhea are common consequences

3. Grapes/Raisins


  • Vomiting and hyperactivity are frequent symptoms
  • Even kidney failure can result for some cats after eating grapes

4. Caffeine


  • Cats should avoid substances with caffeine at all costs – it’s potentially deadly
  • Muscle tremors, out of control breathing, and increased heart rate
  • Keep them away from coffee, tea, soda, chocolate, and other caffeine-carrying items

5. Gum & Candy


  • These foods often contain the ingredient xylitol, which is poisonous for cats
  • Vomiting, extreme fatigue, seizures and even liver failure are possible

6. Raw Eggs


  • Salmonella or E. coli are very real possibilities from eating raw eggs
  • Avidin – a protein in egg whites – can block Vitamin B absorption, thereby impacting a cat’s skin and fur negatively

7. Raw Fish

Raw fish

  • Food poisoning is a definite problem, similar to the risks of consuming raw eggs
  • A particular enzyme found in raw fish breaks down thiamine – and without this B vitamin, neurological issues can arise with significant detrimental effects

8. Alcohol


  • Cats, because of their size and weight, are extremely sensitive to alcohol
  • It only takes a few teaspoons of liquor, or a couple ounces of beer, to have a grave impact on a cat’s brain and liver

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