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Friday Fun: Misspelled Dog Breed Names

Jack Russell TerrierThis joke has been floating around the internet for a few years and it’s unclear as to the original source. I wanted to share these funny dog breed names and provide a little chuckle for your afternoon.

These Are ‘Real’ Breeds Of Dog, As Collected From License Applications And Want Forms At A Us Dog Shelter:

  • Cavalier Cocker Spaniard
  • King James Spaniel
  • Westminster Terrier
  • Rhode Island Ridgeback
  • Palmeranian
  • Copper Spaniel
  • Cocker Spaniard
  • Black Labrador (from a license app, dog’s color was yellow)
  • Dorky Terrier
  • Lopso Apso
  • El Paso (attempt at Lhasa Apso)
  • Highland Heeler
  • Alaskan Malibu
  • Belgian Manawa
  • Belgium Malenoise
  • Basket Hound Bagel
  • Welch Corgi
  • Wild Haired Terrier
  • Carrion Terrier
  • Wineamimer
  • Rockwelders (of course we know that should be Rockwilder)
  • Rottenwiler
  • Great Pekingese (supposed to be Pyrenees)
  • Great Pyramid
  • Miniature Datsun
  • Irish Settler
  • Jack Daniels Terrier
  • German Police Man
  • Chesapeake A Retriever
  • Borderline Collie
  • Chevy King Charles (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)
  • Goverment Pinscher

Have you ever heard or seen a misspelled dog or cat breed name that made you chuckle? Share it with us in the comments!

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