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How many toys does your pet have?

Let’s take a look at something all pet owners are very familiar with: toys. Your dog has them. Your cat has them. They squeak under your foot on a late night quest from the bedroom to the kitchen for a glass of water.

After thinking about my own overflowing dog toy basket at home, I was curious so I decided to ask you: how many toys does your pet have?

Our survey yielded interesting results and I was surprised to see that many households have over 100 pet toys in them!

Unscientific results:

  • We received over 100 responses
  • The number of toys in a household ranged from 1 to 200
  • The average number of toys in a household is 34

Some of the fun photos and comments we saw:

Bella has lots and lots of expensive toys, but her most favourite of all is one of her Dad’s socks pulled off his foot when he arrives home from a long day’s work <3 -Rosemary D.

Even though my two boys have so many toys my mini aussie’s favorite thing is my sons socks and my border collies favorite is an old, rotten piece of a soccer ball “skin”. Go figure! -Janine V.

Of course, Leo’s favourite toy is an empty box! LOL -Terrina

All lost…Upteen (100’s) of stuffed, catnip toys in various shapes and sizes.  Buried in chairs, hidden under cabinets and stuffed into clothes piles. Mysteriously gone, plastic micey gizmos thrown away into boxes, bags, and trash cans. All stashed away for a rainy day. Love those Maine Coons. -Gail S.

dog toy pile
Tango in a pile of toys, shared by Kelcey M.
dog with toy pile
Louie and his 22 toys, shared by Christina O.
pomeranian with lots of dog toys
Dinglehopper, shared by Michelle D.
dog outside grass sunny toy ball
As an adult Bentley will only play with one toy – his cookie ball. -Lyndsay M.
cat lots of toys
Socks, shared by Linda B.
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