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Monthly Archives: March 2013

What TV Shows Teach Us About Raising Dogs

When it comes to reality television, animals have their own buffet of shows— cute animals, weird animals, dangerous animals— numerous networks across cable and broadcast are dedicated to the creatures of the world and how we interact with them. And

5 Craziest Cat Toys

Cats, like children, will tire of most toys eventually. That’s why new variations on a few classic themes are constantly hitting the pet store shelves. There’s the chase toys, the climbing structures, things that dangle from sticks, and toys that

This Week in Testimonials – 3/22

Three weeks ago, today, my puppy Rowan had a ‘mishap’ with my bigger dog. He took things a little too far and broke Rowan’s Jaw. I doubt he meant to hurt her, he’s 95 pounds and she’s 20. After going

When do dogs stop growing?

Sometimes we wish that puppies would stay small forever, but it’s inevitable that they will grow up to be a mature dog. If you have a puppy, especially a mixed breed, you may wonder when your dog will reach its

Appealing a Pet Insurance Claim: Max’s Story

Our story is one of customer service that began when we took Max in for a routine Vet visit to get some shots. While we were there we asked the same question all pet owners do, “how’s he doing?” The