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Pets at Work: Employed Pets

This week’s giveaway was a fun one that elicited your creativity. We asked what your dog’s profession would be if he/she had one. Here are a few of our favorites that you came up with:

cat paint paws

My cat, Esmeralda “Ezzie” would definitely be an artist. Just about ANY time I’ve had paint out or anything with color (and have not kept a full eye on it) she has gotten her paws in it. The time there were food coloring prints all over my kitchen-she was the cat whose paws ran blue when I put them under the faucet. The time I found a black blob of paint on my couch and back of my shirt it was her paw that touched my palette first. The photo is of when I was painting my bedroom and decided to paint the interior of my bookcases as well to add pizzazz. She also had some decorating ideas – I was suddenly wiping Peacock Blue pawprints off of my wooden floors. I did retain one of her creation: I kept the white pawprints inside the shelves- made by her removing the blue paint as it clung to her paws, exposing the white underneath.
-Susan T.

dog yoga mat
Lilo would be a yoga instructor, because of her gentle, calm nature, love of stretching into yoga poses and helping you put your mat away -Rese K.
dog computer blogger
Jake is a social media blogger who posts his daily antics on Facebook while watching other animal trends on YouTube. -Rachael R.
shih tzu desk work tie
If Walter (Shih-Tzu, age 1), had a job he would be a big business magnate, focused on mergers and acquisitions for bacon companies.
Walter loves bacon, and as you can see he looks great in a tie. Don’t you think he looks the part?
-Arlynne P.
dog couch remote control sleeping
Abbey would be a professional channel surfer… -Marina D.
scruff dog smiling
My dog Bentley’s job would be modelling – every time he has a camera pointed at him, he strikes a pose and he is really, really, ridiculously good looking -Lyndsay M.
dog shred paper

Oatmeal would work in confidential document destruction!
“Need your medical records shredded? Your tax documents? What about your important report or paper due tomorrow? You name it, we shred it! Guaranteed to protect your identity and your information by making sure the remaining pieces are unrecognisable! Clean up of shredded paper not included!
Just call Oatmeal and my associate Zoe and I will take care of all of your shredding needs! ”
Oatmeal and Zoe love shredding paper, all of which is given as gifts from the recycling bin. Luckily Oatmeal has never shredded anything we haven’t given to him to do so!

dog wig
Monty would be a hairdresser because he enjoys being brushed, combed and looking good. -Betsy C.
cat yankees hat
My cat Peter would be a designated hitter for the Yankees! Making his momma proud on her favorite team -Christine F.
smiley corgi dog customer service

My Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Courtney is such a people person, she will even walk around other pets to their owners, to have them to pet her. She totally believes everybody in the world should be her friend. If Wal~Mart still employed them, she would be a People Greeter. Since that job is no longer an option, I have no doubt she would work in customer service. I could see her working at a courtesy desk in a department store or at a return desk. Since she she is so eager to please, I can even see her selling vacation trips at a travel agency or working as a concierge. She is happiest around a lot of people. They say dogs don’t smile, but I’ve had complete strangers tell me “Look at your dog, it’s smiling”.
p.s. I couldn’t get an official Wal~Mart badge so I had to improvise.
-Rose W.

dogs sleeping couch
I have a house full of professional couch testers.
Couch testing is a stressful position and requires stamina and control. Not only do you have to test comfort, there is also durability. How long can you lay there before the couch disintegrates. It is also critical to keep the couch from escaping back to the wild. Test couches are seldom domesticated. -George G.
cat bowtie
If my cat had a job, he would be a professional drag queen, like RuPaul. He’s a fancy, sassy cat with a diva attitude. He knows he’s fabulous and uses that to his advantage to get away with things. He also loves being the center of attention, as any good queen does. -Sara G.
corgi dogs cuddling couch sleep
Rocco would love to be a “Nanny”. Here he is looking after his brother, Bennie while his sister, Annie is using Rocco as a pillow! -Anne G.
dog boss office tie
This is Suzie Fox. She is a professional “Boss”. Her staff of three adults and four cats, keep her pretty busy. She is of the opinion that she needs to “Boss” everyone around to get what she wants! -Dixie F.
dog cat wrestle play on floor
My 3 1/2 month old orange tabby, (Squirmy) + my 3 month old Yorkie, (Squirt) would be professional wrestlers because they train everyday, all day long, while my wife has to be referee.
cat office desk work
Louis loves coming to the office. He’d like to be an inspection supervisor so that he can be sure that everything is in its place. His natural Abyssinian curiosity would have him inspecting everyone’s desk drawers, behind their desks, under their desks, etc. But mostly he’d like to be sure that everything in the office kitchen had a good sniff and taste, you know, for the safety of everyone in the office. -Kathy Y.

My dog Sapphire is a border collie/lab cross and her job would be personal trainer because she never lets me get away with a lazy day! -Cathy S.

Bianca, the English Bulldog, would be a gym teacher because her life’s passion revolves around a soccer ball. Also, she has very well defined glutes, she would probably coach the wrestling team as well. -Melanie R.

Stay tuned for our winner to be randomly selected and announced this afternoon!


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