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My Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Courtney is such a people person, she will even walk around other pets to their owners, to have them to pet her. She totally believes everybody in the world should be her friend. If Wal~Mart still employed them, she would be a People Greeter. Since that job is no longer an option, I have no doubt she would work in customer service. I could see her working at a courtesy desk in a department store or at a return desk. Since she she is so eager to please, I can even see her selling vacation trips at a travel agency or working as a concierge. She is happiest around a lot of people. They say dogs don’t smile, but I’ve had complete strangers tell me “Look at your dog, it’s smiling”.

p.s. I couldn’t get an official Wal~Mart badge so I had to improvise.
-Rose W.

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