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The Value of Pet Microchips

Today’s world is more connected than ever – and more crowded. The ease of access to information can both empower and inundate. One worthwhile use of technology is the microchip. It is a relatively non-invasive (and very simple) procedure which ensures one’s pet can be identified if it is ever lost. Consider the following reasons for fixing your pet will a convenient microchip.

A microchip for your pet will give you peace of mind. Most people have a horror story about a dog slipping out of the house to chase an animal or otherwise running off and getting lost. It is a terribly stressful time to put up flyers, contact shelters and reach out to your vet. A pet owner’s worst fear is to have that happen and never successfully reunite with their pet. By using a microchip, they will able to be tracked and identified with ease by shelter and clinic professionals.

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It is a quick, mostly painless procedure with significant benefits. Some pet owners are wary about forcing their dog to have a big needle stuck in them. It’s over very quickly though. Besides, vet care becomes a fact of life for dogs, meaning they will likely have to endure more serious procedures then getting a microchip. It is worth the momentary sting to know they can be recognized for a lifetime if under duress.

Microchips prove useless if the information attached to them isn’t updated. Getting one for your dog isn’t enough in and of itself. Whenever you move or have other critical contact information change, make sure to update the microchip’s info accordingly. They may as well not have one at all if the device becomes an obsolete identifier.

They are much more reliable than a collar for identification. Perhaps a microchip seems superfluous in light of a dog collar always around your pet’s neck. The truth is, many pet owners take the collars off from time to time – and it would be so frustrating to lose track of your pet in a moment like that. Also, when strangers are trying to identify a dog, they may be unsure about getting close to a dog’s face and neck to read the tag. The microchip solves that problem.

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