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This Week in Testimonials – 3/15

Very excited about the added coverage! I searched for months for my Dachshund Lola’s insurance-She is part of my family so we made sure we choose the best and we feel we found that in Trupanion! Thankyou Trupanion for knowing that some people love their animals just like their children and want the best healthcare for them–Julie G.

Another quick turn around time. Only 5.5 hours from Emailing Razzleberry’s claim in until receiving notification that it had been processed. Thanks!! -Michelle D.

People are always surprised when I say I have “dog insurance”, but it has been worth every penny to cover both animals, with only one emergency surgery. I did a lot of research and I found this to be the best policy for emergency or expensive illness. Vets want to be paid in full at the time of service, having this policy literally saved my little dogs life when she was attacked by another dog. I didn’t have to make a choice to have life-saving surgery based on whether I could afford it or not. -Sheri

Trupanion Rocks! THE best pet insurance. My little girl Twigs had 2 back surgeries in 6 months. Total bills were about $11,000. I paid just under $1000. This past surgery was on 3/6, the bill submitted on 3/11 and I was notified yesterday what the payment would be. I should have a check inside another week.

I don’t know what people who do NOT have pet insurance do when faced with a major expense like this. If you don’t have insurance for your pet, I urge you to look into it. It is such a comfort to me. I’ve had other pet insurance and while good, it was NOT NEARLY AS GOOD as Trupanion! -Kim R.

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One Response to This Week in Testimonials – 3/15

  1. Kathy G. says:

    I work in the Veterinary field and see how expensive medical bills can be! My husband and I got insurance on our new puppy right away because of his habit to chew on things. Instead of having him swallow something though he developed allergies before he was even a year old! I’m now in a position where I can try anything and everything to keep him healthy and comfortable no matter how expensive the medication!
    My coworker who has been in the field for years has seen a lot of pet insurance claims go through and she is even surprised when with in hours after submission our clinic gets an email confirmation of how much they are covering! My puppy is still young but the insurance is already way worth it to help with his life long condition! I recommend Trupanion to any clients who are looking for pet insurance.

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