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This Week in Testimonials – 3/22

Three weeks ago, today, my puppy Rowan had a ‘mishap’ with my bigger dog. He took things a little too far and broke Rowan’s Jaw. I doubt he meant to hurt her, he’s 95 pounds and she’s 20. After going to a specialist it was determined that it was best not to do surgery. Because she was only 3 months old, she would heal better on her own. Well, thankfully, before this all happened, I got Rowan pet insurance via Trupanion. I did it on a whim, thinking, eh, she’s a puppy, what would be the chances I’d ever need it. Thank God I did. Trupanion has already processed her claim and I got two checks reimbursing me for her bills minus the deducible, office visits and 10%. Of course I would have paid for her vet visits, but I had to use a credit card and it would have hurt to pay it all back. I’m not one to write testimonials, but I have to say that I am truly impressed with Trupanion. Thank you! -Mary B.

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Jet’s home from the vet $2.4K later. Glad we have Trupanion. -Dave A.

Pet health insurance protects your savings and protects you from heartbreaking choices. After huge vet bill, I’m grateful for @Trupanion -@jeanlucbourdon

Best pet insurance company in North America. -CutePetGazette

GREAT customer service! -Jon D.

because of Trupanion – my sweet Cooper was saved ♥ -Shannon E.

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Just wanted to say “Thank You!” to the wonderful staff at Trupanion. We just took our dog, Jet, in to get his knee repaired and were able to do so because we had insurance. I couldn’t ask for a better experience! My vet loves you guys, too! -Deb A.

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