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This Week in Testimonials – 3/8

My Primary DVM gave our newly adopted 11 Month old Female Boxer 1 month free no deductable. Our girl had a dential issue so we took her to a consaulte with a pre approval claim form just in case. So we scheduled a procedure and Trupanion approved the upper of the estament for the treatment. The proceedure cost even more becasue of the condition of our girls’ lower left canince Tooth. And Trupanion covered 90% with not decutable!!!!! I had VPI on my last 12 year old Boxer and they did not cover worth a darn, at a cost of over $900 premium! I tell everyone about Trupanion every chance I can! -Michell P.

@trupanion special thanks to lana andrews for fantastic customer service! #bestpetinsuranceever -@realestatejen

My cat had his life extended for about 6 months because I had Trupanion. You never want to be put in a position to say, I can’t afford to take care of my dearest friend. I tell everyone who has dogs or cats, please get Trupanion, so you won’t have to face that problem. They are very compassionate and care so much about animals – this is not your ordinary insurance company, they have a heart! I would never change or be without it. -Shirley M.

They are super. Very quick with their response on claims. Vet faxed copy on Monday, had response onTuesday…need I say more!!!! -Brenda B.

Buddy guy (handsome brindle boy) thanks you trupanion for his recent ACL repair. His knee is like new and he is so happy to be playing with Marley again. Thank you!!! -Lauren O.

Buddy and Marley dogs snuggling
Buddy and Marley

Here is Texas Ranger keeping a close guard on his best buddy Walker last week while he recovered from a surgery:) A BIG thanks to Trupanion for letting us get him the care he needed! -Kimberly P.

dog cone couch
Walker and Texas Ranger

our 3 children always lay together. If it wasn’t for Trupanion, we wouldn’t have been able to pay for the cancer treatment for our pit bull puppy. Trupanion has been awesome and made making difficult decisions very easy. thanx. -Scott L.

two dogs and cat on couch cuddling
Photo shared by Scott L.

Trupanion paid out our $3800 claim. 90% of that back is, well, awesome. As is Marlow no longer having a fractured hip. I love @Trupanion -@nononsensedani

Love @Trupanion! Submitted claim 2 days ago & they just informed me my check is in the mail! Their customer service rocks too:) -@WordsAreFood

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