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Top 10 Pet Insurance Tips

Interested in choosing a pet health coverage plan, but feeling the effects of information-overload? Employ these tips as convenient checkpoints along your journey.

1. Learn about the prevailing characteristics of your pet’s breed. In doing so, you will become educated on their most common health issues – an important awareness to possess as you seek out pet insurance.

2. Familiarize yourself with the terms and concepts associated with the pet insurance industry. Understanding key words like deductible, premium, pre-existing condition and payout limit will allow you to navigate companies’ plans comfortably and confidently.

3. Compare and contrast the policies of pet insurance competitors. Patterns will begin to emerge, helping you clearly highlight the differences so you can pick the best plan for you and your pet.

4. Test the waters by filling out a free quote(s) for your pet. It is the simplest, most effective way to view the policy benefits available for a given monthly premium.

Maltese puppy

5. Thoroughly understand what you are buying before you enroll. Know the benefits, limits and exclusions of your plan – and see if there is any ‘fine print’ – so you aren’t blindsided down the line when you file a claim.

6. Pay attention to the waiting periods that may apply. Most pet insurance companies have waiting periods in place before their coverage kicks in. Learning this beforehand makes it much easier to plan for with your pet.

7. Be confident in your pet insurance provider’s reimbursement rate. They vary widely from company to company, so be sure you have picked a solution that is fair and reasonable over the long term.

8. Once you’re enrolled, actively communicate with the staff. Share your concerns, ask questions, and stay up-to-date on the company and policy evolutions that occur. A dependable provider will encourage you to develop a relationship with them.

9. Get to know your local veterinarian and discuss your coverage. More and more vets are promoting the value of a sensible pet insurance plan. As you begin to file claims, it will be a boon for both you and your vet to understand the process.

10. Act responsibly as a pet owner. A modest diet, regular exercise, and lots of affection will go a long way in keeping your pet healthy and happy. Unexpected accidents and illnesses can still occur, but proactive care will help.

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3 Responses to Top 10 Pet Insurance Tips

  1. christina_wilson_68@hotmail.com says:

    I would be interested in covering my other pet her name is Angel. Angel’s DOB is April 9th, 2012. Neko is healthy and doing well. They both are patients at Animal Clinic of Plainfield, Dr. Dekkard. Please quite me a price for her. Thank you.

  2. k mcdonald says:

    if my dog needs medical attention. how does it work i pay the full amount then apply for my insurance? or does the vet accept trupanion and i just pay the deductable?

    • Stacy says:

      Hello! In most cases, pet insurance works by reimbursement which means you pay the vet bill in full and then submit it to us for reimbursement. However, we do work with some veterinary hospitals to send payment directly to them if they are willing to do so. Ask your vet if they are willing to do this and then give us a call to ask about Claims Express and we can provide more information! 800-569-7913

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