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Useful Tips for Cat Owners

Taking care of a cat is similar to being a dog owner in many ways. Proper medical check-ups and vaccinations, a healthy diet, and plenty of affection are staples of a lasting bond between pet and person. Cats do exhibit their own unique behaviors though – it is their purring independence that endears them to so many of us. These tips are helpful reminders for developing good cat habits.

Cozy cat

Know how your other pets will interact before bringing a cat home. This is especially important if you own one or more dogs. Some breeds or temperaments won’t get along with felines; many get along perfectly fine. There needs to be a comfortable period of socialization – starting with a visit to the shelter before you adopt – to ensure that the match between your cat and other pets will work out.

Keep your cat inside the house for its own safety. Cats are prone to roam and, under certain circumstances, that is an acceptable behavior. Letting them wander aimlessly in and out of the house will place them in danger of predators or getting lost. Although some outdoor cats do manage okay, they are at a higher risk for getting sick or getting hurt. A compromise is providing them with an outdoor yard to wander in that they can’t easily escape from.

Adorn your living space with adequate supplies and toys. A regularly cleaned litter box is a great starting point; that way your cat will be comfortable and you will minimize the smell. Fresh water and food are other obvious essentials. Look into items like perches or scratching posts to give your cat spots to claw, stretch and play about.

Stay current on your cat’s shots by communicating with your vet. Open communication with your local vet will keep you abreast of when your cat needs to come in for its core vaccinations as well as any non-core ones. Non-core vaccinations may be necessary depending on the health and breed of your cat, as well as current viruses being passed between cats.

Devote some time to regular grooming practices for your cat. Brushing their coat, trimming their nails, cleaning their ears and brushing their teeth are all useful habits to develop. A quick brush a couple of times of week will be a lot easier to handle than doing it after it is all clumped up. The same goes for their nails, ears and teeth – cleaning them consistently will keep your cat healthy and they won’t take more than a few minutes apiece.

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