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What to Do When You Have A Destructive Cat

Who doesn’t love an adorable little cat? These sweet faces have plenty of love to give, but sometimes, your pets can start to act a bit destructive. What steps can you take when your cat starts to misbehave or even tear up the house? A lot – but first you need to know the underlying reasons. Here’s what you need to know.

A Vet Visit

 Cat in CupboardIn many cases, cats will start to act destructive when they are ill or feeling pain. Instead of moping around the house, they will begin to destroy items or use the bathroom outside of the litter box. When you notice unusual behavior in your cat, it is time for a trip to the vet. On top of letting you know why this behavior is occurring, the vet also might have some tips to get the behavior to finally stop.

Spraying the Area

Before you buy any products that are designed to keep cats away, you must confirm with your vet whether or not they are safe to use. Once you have found a product that is safe to use in a home with cats, you might have found the solution. For instance, spray products are generally designed to keep your pet from going in a particular area. Furthermore, some of them actually help reduce the levels of stress that your cat feels, and stress can definitely be a cause of destruction.

The Claw Issue

Please do not de-claw your cats, as doing so can make them feel quite like a person without thumbs. Instead, make the decision to clip their nails. If you clip incorrectly, you could actually cut or damage a blood vessel, and doing so could have serious or potentially fatal consequences. If you do not know what you are doing, your vet or a professional groomer at a reputable pet salon can take care of this for you. Does your cat have a scratching post? If the answer is no, then this is something that you want to look into purchasing right away.

Don’t Give Up

When you take a pet into your home, you are making a commitment. It’s very inconsiderate of you to just give the animal away. To do so would be very unfair to them, so don’t assume that it’s hopeless and/or that you need to get rid of them. Always talk to a vet first – you may even find some “trainers” to help you deal with your cat’s behavior. Just like people, animals sometimes act up and do things that we do not like. However, this doesn’t mean that we get rid of them or remove them from our lives! All relationships take commitment, even pet-ships.

Taking a cat into your family is a big responsibility, and you need to make sure you are prepared to handle it. Yes, it can be tough when your cat starts to act destructive. However, an answer exists – you just need to be proactive in finding what it is. Talk to professionals and other cat owners to see what works – there’s a reason cats are the most common pet – they are usually great additions to the family!

Tim Reynolds writes about all things related to animals. His recent work is about how to become a veterinary assistant.

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