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April Foolish Pets – Honorable Mentions

Our pets act foolishly from time to time, so for the first week of April, we wanted to hear your April Fools stories! We asked for stories about pets acting foolishly and here were some of our favorites:

One day when I was was folding clothes in our room. Dominick my 3 years old doberman took a goose down pillow from the living room. He took the pillow outside and tore it up. I noticed it was quiet in the house so I went to find him he was outside in the yard shake the feathers out and playing with them. I couldn’t help but yell bad boy and laugh out loud. I had to dry vacuum the grass to get all the feathers out of the yard. I sent my husband this picture and he couldn’t believe the mess and that I had to vacuum the grass. -Cecilia P.

dog shredded pillow feathers grass yard doberman

Shilo and I were on our way to the hospital where we volunteer on a nice summer day. I had the front windows down and was stopped at a light when Shilo suddenly jumped to the front of the car, then out the window and curled up under a tree. Needless to say we didn’t make it to the hospital that day. -Sarah S.

dog in a tree

One day we came home and could not find our dog Roxy anywhere. We called her name, checked all the rooms and then went outside to find that she had been a little too curious with the Recycling. Her tail never stopped wagging. -Rayna P.


Rigby, a Bearded Collie, wound up in a pile of dirt…….or should I say, played in a pile of dirt.
Bath time before entering the house…. -Karen A.

dirty puppy dog paws

My golden Beau, loved to dig in the runoff from the gutters after it rained. He would submerge his nose in the puddles and blow bubbles. Attached is a pic of the “Mud Puppy” -Laura L.

dirty muddy dog golden retriever outside grass mud

My cat likes to do pee in the bathroom. I couldn’t believe it!!! But there she was… -Wanda R.

cat using toilet

I had a Nightstand with a drawer by my bed, I was sitting there and had the Drawer Open..She went under the bottom Storage area and I reach into the drawer and all of a Sudden this black paw comes out and grabs my Hand!! I thought it was a Big Spider and jumped clean across the bed..THERE’S SOMETHING IN THE DRAWER!!! And i look back and see her stick her paw through again… -Ronita P.

When my son (21) runs up the stairs our dog Rico (a 3 yr old collie mix) runs to my room and hides. If Anthony doesn’t come to look for him he peeks around the corner with just his nose and eyes showing. Its hilarious. We’ve always played hide and seek with him in many places and he just started to do this on his own. Our guests always get a kick out of him when he does it. -Jackie B.

My cat Meow loves to hide anywhere dark and small, usually boxes and reuseable shopping bags. One day I left for the gym and had my bag pack to go I put my gym gear in and then some swim gear for after my work out. I went and grabbed my phone to tell my friend that I’d meet her at the gym in about 10 minutes. I grabbed my bag and left for the gym. I got to the gym had a great work out and swim. Then I left to go home as I was about to drive away something popped up in the back seat of my car. It frightened me so much I thought someone was in my car. I leaned back and looked down it was Meow he decided to take a ride in my gym bag to the car and waited to greet me when I came back. So now I check all my bags before I leave. -Jamila K.

About 2-3 times  Hershey performed the same joke: he comes to my bedroom and jumps on my bed… My hubby kicks him off….. He gets upset and goes to the living room and starts barking like crazy. Hubby runs there to checks what’s going on, then he comes back and jumps back on my bed: happy and proud he fooled dad again!!!! little brat -Maggie K.

My dog Bentley will sneeze whenever I sneeze. We can sneeze back and forth, over and over again. He puts his whole body in to it and ends up with poofed-out hair sticking up all over. -Lyndsay M.

Here is my entry for the contest 🙂 My little guy Max was found to be chewing on my shoe!! He totally destroyed it too haha. I didn’t realize it was my shoe he was chewing on (I thought it was his bully stick) until I came around the couch and saw this!! Grace L.

dog chewed shoe on couch

Our puppy JRT Zoey loves to dig and decided one day that the lawn had to go. She peeled off a layer of sod and tried to bring it in the house. Pic of her muddy work attached. -Stephanie P.

muddy dog outside

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