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Let’s Talk About Heartworms

The following public service announcement is brought to you by Ronita Pitts of Absolutely Affordable Pet Supplies.

mosquito bite heartwormONE little bite: One encounter with a transmitting mosquito and it all begins for our beloved pet. Heartworms are one of the most preventable illnesses!

You might say “My pet just doesn’t spend that much time outside.” Well during those splendid evenings romping in the backyard, your dog is likely to become some mosquito’s snack! With all the modern technology, a simple reminder in your phone can keep your pet happy and healthy. There are a variety of formulas out there. If you are plagued with fleas search out a formula with flea control included!!

Our pets are our four-legged family members who can’t tell us what they need, and here comes summer! Let’s get pooch protected!

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