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Obie the Biggest Loser Doxie Gets Skin Removal Surgery

Update 5/1/13: Veterinarians were able to remove 2.5 pounds of skin! Obie is recovering well.

doxie bath
Bath photo – BEFORE – photo from Biggest Loser, Doxie Edition Facebook page

Today is the big day in which Obie the obese Standard Dachshund will undergo surgery to remove excess skin due to his incredible weight loss transformation. We have been following Obie’s journey over the last several months and we’ve seen him lose over 40 pounds!

Obie’s guardian Nora, who has been keeping his Facebook page up-to-date throughout this journey, posted today: “Dr. Kramer will be performing the surgery at Oregon Expert Vets. I don’t know that this surgery has ever been performed on a dog before after a significant weight loss but it will be similar to doing a mass removal procedure. He will likely have tension sutures, compression bandages and drains in place.”

doxie bath
Bath photo – AFTER – photo from Biggest Loser, Doxie Edition Facebook page

We are amazed at Obie’s progress and very excited for him to finally reach a healthy weight and enjoy the rest of his life as a happy, healthy dog. Good luck, Obie!

History: Obie was surrendered to the Oregon shelter by his elderly owners who gave him love in the form of treats and food which contributed to his incredible weight gain. Obie’s guardian Nora offered to foster him and start on his weight loss journey and brought him home on August 18, 2012. Since then, he has lost over 40 pounds and will continue to a healthy weight of about 28-30 pounds. You can learn more on his Facebook page.

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