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Pet Safety 101: Six Issues You Should Know About

Unfortunately, so many dangers exist in the world for our furry little friends. Since we love them like children, we want to make sure that we are keeping them safe. The following are six things any concerned pet owner should watch out for.

Tips on moving with your petBoxes and Bins
Small pets, especially puppies and cats, love to climb into boxes. Of course, they might have some fun rolling around in them for a while, but you need to be absolutely certain that you do not take them out with the garbage by mistake, step on them, or set them in a closet or outside without checking them first. The same rule applies for bags, so be sure you check out bags before bringing them to the curb or with you on vacation.

Do you have stove protectors on the knobs for your stove? If you don’t, you could have a serious potential problem on your hands. Pets could jump onto these knobs and turn the gas on. By the time you are home from work, the entire house could be filled with gas. Simply buy some stove covers for the knobs to prevent this accident from happening.

Collar Dangers
Yes, it is extremely important for your pet to wear a collar in the event that he or she gets lost. However, you also need to make sure that the collar provides some sort of give if the animal was to get snagged or stuck somewhere. For example, let’s say that your dog’s collar got stuck on a door knob. He or she could choke to death if unable to get out of the collar. Ask your vet for safe collar recommendations for your pet.

Open Doors
You might think that your pet would never run away from the house, but you need to realize that even the most loyal, home-bodied animals might be tempted to explore the great outdoors. Never allow family members of guests to leave doors or windows wide open. Always make sure someone is watching.

Open Toilet Bowls
Some people leave their bathroom doors open all day and think that it’s funny when their pets drink from the toilet. Imagine what would happen if a little pet fell in or if a big pet got his or her head stuck in the bowl. Drowning could occur, and this would be a horrible and devastating consequence for your family. Do the women and pets in your house a favor and keep the lid down.

Hanging Strings
You need to be alert of hanging strings anywhere in the house. Most of the time, these strings will come from window blinds. Make sure they are securely tied up, or you are enabling a major hazard for your pet! Also, be certain that pets don’t go into closets where strings are dangling from clothes.

So many threats to safety exist. If your house seems to be prone to accidents, talk to your vet and local rescue groups about other safety precautions you could take to protect your favorite critters.

Steve Kruse writes about all things related to animals, most recently the Top 10 Highest Paying Veterinary Careers. 

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