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The Separate Personalities of Dogs and Cats, and How to Choose the Right Pet

The general personalities of dogs and cats differ in a number of ways. As a result, it’s ideal for prospective pet owners to get a grasp on the character traits of each one before making the big decision. Below is a fun loving explanation of cats and dogs to help the curious in their search for the best companion.


dog and cat on couchDomestic felines can be an awesome acquaintance.  The personality of a cat can vary from house to house and breed to breed. However, there are some widely agreed upon features of a standard house cat’s persona that make it a unique creature. Here they are:

1.  Quiet. Cats are extremely silent in nature, especially when compared relatively to other pets. They keep to themselves and don’t argue with their owners at high volumes. When they’re upset, they tend to scratch random surfaces rather than share their feelings out loud.

Human trait equivalent: Someone who isn’t overly comfortable with confrontation. This person likes to read and is relatively passive when problems arise. They’re often willing to “play it by ear” or “go with the flow”.

2. Sleepy. Domesticated cats tend to sleep 13 to 16 hours per day! They love to roll out of bed, day dream about a flopping fish while walking on the top of the couch, and head right back to slumber. Cats appreciate sleep and don’t hide it from anyone.

Human trait equivalent: Someone who sleeps in on weekends and wishes they could sleep in during the week. This person can never get enough rest and doesn’t have a problem admitting it.

3. Smart. It’s hard to stereotype the general cat as anything other than brilliant. They don’t make too many ill-advised decisions like their little biosphere friends squirrels do. Cats will often politely wait for cars to drive by before making a calculated decision to cross the road.

Human trait equivalent: Someone who plans ahead and still uses a paper agenda in 2013. This person ignores modern technology and prefers to use safe and simple strategies to navigate everyday life.

Ideal owner: A smart and sophisticated person who’s looking for a soft-spoken companion. The prime candidate would likely lead a carefree, but very curious life.


Dogs are often a best friend in the body of a canine. Similar to cats, the persona of the average dog varies by the breed and situation. However, there are some clear cut personality traits of the creature that make it a popular pet. Here they are:

Georgia Dooley Dawg the bulldog and a basket ball - Trupanion pet insurance

1. Playful. Dogs are ridiculously playful. The lone exception seems to be age. Unless a dog is in his or her twilight years, they want to wrestle or play a game of tug-o-war. They don’t expect to slow down and they don’t expect their owner to do so, either.

Human trait equivalent: Someone who works hard but plays harder. This person is always looking to fill their time with random activities. They’re up for a challenge and prefer to avoid playing card games.

2. Touchy. Dogs are generally privy to human contact and let it be known immediately. They love to get up and lick the first six objects that they come in contact with each morning. They appreciate sharing a bed with their owner, particularly those with a down comforter.

Human trait equivalent: Someone that likes to hold hands with their partner in the car. They have such a good time, all the time, and want to express as much through touch. They prefer sharing a bed with someone rather than sleeping alone.

3. Simple. Domesticated canines are usually very simple. They strive to be fed, loved and entertained. If they are satisfied in these three categories, they usually won’t bring anything up at the dinner table.

Human trait equivalent: Someone that works on a routine and is eternally satisfied as long as they have their health and friends. They understand that life is complicated, but choose to focus their attention on their immediate surroundings.

Ideal owner: A simple and happy person who longs for a companion that will always try to help them start and end their day on a positive note.

Dogs and cats are beautiful creatures, for both different and similar reasons. The type of person considering a pet has a lot to do with the way a dog or cat will fit into a household. It’s wise to assess the general personality of a prospective pet before deciding to bring one on board.

Griff Haeger lives a quality life, complete with two dogs and a cat. When he’s not choosing which personality he likes more, he writes about natural dog food.

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