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The Success of Stem Cell Therapy

In an article published by Popular Science, they describe a Cambridge University study that tested the effectiveness of stem cell regeneration for dogs. It is a fascinating and optimistic look at the future of pet health science.

German Shepherd running

The group of dogs that participated in the study shared a common circumstance: they were paralyzed due to serious accidents. Using stem cells from the inside of their noses (where nerves continually grow throughout a dog’s lifetime) the doctors removed them, duplicated them and eventually injected them back into the location of the dog’s paralysis.

Remarkably, most of the dogs that received the rejuvenating cells saw their mobility improve. For some dogs, that meant partial mobility and movement of their hind legs. For others, they were able to run around and play easily like they could prior to their injury.

Here at Trupanion, we find medical progress like this exciting and valuable. We are advocates of advancing pet health through the development of technology – that’s why we provide for so many veterinary-approved therapies and treatments.

In fact, our Additional Care Package offers coverage for stem cell therapy! We support the professional application of therapies that utilize stem cell research (and more) because we want our customers’ pets to receive the best treatment possible. The proof is in the pudding, and results like the ones reported by Cambridge University are very hopeful indeed.

Check out the full article over at Popular Science to get the scoop on the study details, the goals for future stem cell research, and the stories of several of the dogs involved.

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