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This Week in Testimonials – 4/19

@Trupanion is one company I’ve dealt with that really does exceed expectations. If you need pet insurance they’re the best in the business. -@Omega359

@Trupanion I finally upgraded to the new policy! It’s amazing and costs less too! Thank you Trupanion!!! -@jrybicka

I have Trupanion for my 8yr old cavalier–no deductible and I have never had a problem making a claim–thankful for insurance on him –i didn’t get it for my younger dog because he came with a lot of health issues–wish I did get it for him–2000$ in the last month for 4 vet visits– and Fyi –an accidental grape or raisin ingestion would be minimum 1000$ and upwards from there if there were complications -Lisa S.

Our silly dog swallowed the feet off of a stuffed toy duck, resulting in trip to vet for “purging”. Thanks @Trupanion for covering the bill! -@JonBrazelton

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