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Trupanion Expands Coverage to Include Injuries Sustained in Zombie Attacks

April Fools, zombies, dogSeattle, Wash./April 1, 2013 — Trupanion, the leading provider of pet insurance in North America, today announced an expansion in coverage to include injuries sustained by pets during the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Trupanion is the first pet insurance provider in the world to cover such injuries, the most recent in a long line of firsts for the company.

“We listen to our customers and want to make sure they are getting the coverage they expect and deserve,” said Darryl Rawlings, founder and CEO of Trupanion. “With the increase in zombie-related news and television programs over the last year, zombie attacks are something pet owners are increasingly worried about. We wanted to make sure we help to ease their concerns.”

Trupanion’s dedicated actuarial team has been hard at work over the last three months looking into the types of injuries that could occur during such attacks, and building those into the Trupanion policy. Bites, scratches, broken bones, and the consuming of one’s soul are examples of these injuries.

Trupanion’s optional rider, the Pet Owner Assistance Program, which includes coverage for third-party damage, has also expanded to cover damage and injuries caused by a policyholder’s infected pet.

It’s important to note that at this time Trupanion is not able to provide coverage for zombie infection, or the biological change that occurs when a pet becomes a zombie itself.

“Because there is no treatment (yet) or cure for zombie infection and it’s quite difficult to bring a zombie pet into a veterinarian for any form of treatment, we don’t feel pet owners are looking for this sort of coverage,” said Rawlings.

Rawlings said that when a treatment or cure becomes available, the company will look into adding it to the policy coverage.



(Trupanion wishes everyone a very happy April Fool’s Day.)

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