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Trupanion launches new shelter program with Seattle Humane Society

Child and her dogTrupanion, the leading provider of pet insurance in North America, today announced the launch of a new shelter program that provides coverage for shelter pets with no upfront costs for 30 days. The Seattle Humane Society is the first shelter to join the program.

The program offers new pet owners the financial peace of mind that veterinary costs associated with unexpected injuries or illnesses their new pet may develop after leaving the shelter will be covered by Trupanion at 90 percent.

“Trupanion and Seattle Humane have a shared goal of keeping pets with their owners for their entire lifetime, and this program helps us to do that, as it takes the financial burden of veterinary costs off the new pet owners,” said David Loewe, CEO of Seattle Humane Society. “As the largest nonprofit animal shelter in the region, we are very grateful to Trupanion for their commitment to shelter pets and their support for the more than 6,000 dogs, cats and critters who come through our doors every year.”

Every pet at Seattle Humane Society is examined and under the care of the shelter’s veterinary team, who provide detailed medical records of any treatment received during their shelter stay. These records are used to determine any pre-existing conditions the pet may have, so the pet owner is fully aware of what is and is not covered by Trupanion. All conditions not considered pre-existing will be covered at 90%, less a $250 deductible, with no payout limits per year, per condition, or over the lifetime of the pet. And there are no waiting periods – coverage starts immediately, and the pet is not required to visit a veterinarian after adoption.

“We are strong supporters of shelter pets and the Seattle Humane has been inspirational to work with,” said Alison Andrew, senior vice president and head of the shelter program at Trupanion. “Many of us have adopted pets ourselves and we know the joy that comes with bringing home that new furry family member. To be able to provide peace of mind to these new pet owners – so their pet can get the care it needs in the event of an emergency – is a really great feeling.”

Shelters are provided with all the materials they need to easily implement the promotion into their adoption protocols. Shelter employees are not expected to be trained in or experts on the Trupanion plan, but are instead asked to refer the pet owner to call Trupanion or visit the website.

Shelters in the program also receive five dollars for every promotional certificate activated by a new pet owner. So far, in the pilot, the Seattle Humane Society has received $1,680 from Trupanion related to the program.

Today, Trupanion officially launches the shelter program past the pilot, and looks forward to welcoming shelters all across the country into the program. The following requirements must be met for shelter participation:

  • 501(c)3 status
  • Average of 2,000 or more dogs and/or cats rehomed annually
  • Veterinarian on staff
  • Ability to provide the following medical care to all pets before adoption:
    • Physical exam
    • FELV/FIV or heartworm test
    • Routine vaccines
    • Internal parasite control
    • Spay/neuter
    • Ability to have all pets behaviorally assessed

If you are interested in more information on how to get involved with Trupanion’s shelter program, call Alison Andrew at 206.607.1892.

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