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What are the differences between dogs and cats?

Dog and cat kissingThis blog post was inspired by an interesting question on Quora that I stumbled across.

While we all know the obvious differences between dogs and cats, what are the more specific differences between these two popular choices of pets? Here are some of the main differences:

  • What they eat: Cats are true carnivores, meaning they should eat a low-carb diet rich in protein and fat, whereas dogs are omnivores. Dogs should also get plenty of protein, but they also enjoy more carbohydrates and fiber which may explain why they sometimes munch on grass while outside.
  • How they drink: Dogs use their tongues as a scoop to splash water into their mouths. Depending on the dog, this may be a bit sloppy and cause splashing. Cats, on the other hand, use the tip of their tongue to pull water up into their mouths. This method is much more efficient with regards to how much water is lost during a ‘lap’.
  • How they hunt: In the wild, dogs are long distance runners and chase down their prey whereas cats are sprinters and will sneak up on their prey.
  • Socially: Dogs are pack animals and will seek out a human or pack if they are alone. Cats may form familial bonds, however they can be content to live solitary lives.
  • Training: Dogs are more easily trainable to perform tasks such as sit or down, than cats, but also need to be potty trained. Cats are not as easily trained for ‘tricks’ but require little to no effort to house train.
  • Gaining height: Cats are meant to climb and jump whereas dogs are generally earthbound.

What else would you add to this list?

And just for kicks, be sure to check out this hilarious YouTube video about the differences between dogs and cats, as portrayed by humans.

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