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What cat breed is Hello Kitty?

hello kitty cartoonHello Kitty is an iconic cartoon character which has been around for nearly 40 years and originated in Japan. She is recognized by her simplistic appearance with a (usually pink or red) bow on her left ear. Today, she can be found on pencils, purses, notepaper, clothing, and just about any other item imaginable.

While it’s clear that Hello Kitty is a white cat, did you ever stop to think about what breed she might possibly be? Believe it or not, Hello Kitty was based upon a breed that originated in the same country as the character, and that breed is the Japanese Bobtail.

Japanese Bobtails are very friendly, intelligent cats that enjoy the company of people, children, and other pets alike. They are recognized by their bobbed tail which is similar to that of a rabbit.

maneki neko cat paw raisedBesides Hello Kitty, this breed is also commonly represented in the Japanese culture by the maneki neko (“inviting cat”) which is the image or statue of a cat with one paw raised. You may have noticed one of these at the entrance of a Japanese restaurant.

Can you think of any other cat breeds represented by pop culture?

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