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5 Tips to Take Good Photos of Your Pets

poodle outside dogAs a pet and photography enthusiast, I am always taking photos of my own dogs as wells as those of my friends. Having a perfect shot of your pet is a great way to create a lasting memory that will last a lifetime. One of the questions I am commonly asked is: “How do I take great photos of my pet?” Here are some tips for you to start getting better shots of your own dog or cat!

  1. Keep your camera handy – As with people shots, the best photo opportunities with your pets are the ones that are the most spontaneous, and you’ll never know when that may be. If you don’t have your camera with you, you’ll have no shot at all.
  2. Mind the lighting – Unless you have a high-powered DSLR camera, you’ll want to stick to well-lit areas that aren’t too harsh. I find that working outdoors, but outside of direct sunlight works well for me. Using flash photography just makes things look harsh and artificial.
  3. Get low to the ground – For the best photos, you want to get the camera at eye-level with your dog or cat. Taking a photo of your pet while standing up puts them in an awkward pose and doesn’t look very good.
  4. Get close – Use your zoom or your legs to get close to your pet!  Your pet is the star of the photo, not the sofa behind him!
  5. Keep pressing that shutter – Ever notice how fashion photographers seem to take hundreds and hundreds of photos only to end up using just one? There’s a reason to that: very small differences in your subjects position and expression make a very big difference to the final result. And in this day of digital photography, it doesn’t cost you anything to take those extra photos. So snap away!

dog outside wearing bandana

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