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Dogs and Mobility Carts: How to introduce them

wheel chair dog handicapped cartMobility devices are our specialty at Handicapped Pets Canada, so while we were browsing around for a Pet Insurance company for TimBit, we were especially interested in those who cover carts and orthotics for animals. When we found out that Trupanion not only covers mobility devices and orthotics, but they cover the rental of mobility devices as well, we were thrilled. We decided to choose Trupanion for TimBit, and would like to recommend them to you as well.

A mobility device, such as a cart, can greatly improve the quality of life for your dog. When your pets physical health is declining due to things like DM, paralysis, weak joints, arthritis or amputation, as well as the recovery time post-surgery, a wheelchair can keep their energy level up, which results in a happier animal. And we all know happier means healthier, mentally and physically.

A question we get asked every day is “Will my dog know how to use the cart?” In most cases, the first time a dog gets put in her new wheel cart, they are a little bit scared. It’s a new device that they’ve never seen, and it’s not as easy to explain to a dog that this is for their own good, like it is to humans. We recommend using lots of positive praise and treats to assist your dog. If they don’t ‘get’ it right way, that’s okay too. Put the cart near where they sleep, so it becomes a familiar item in their world. I’ve even heard of owners watching videos of other pets in carts with their own pet, in order to show their pet how it works. Once your dog realizes this is helping them, that they can go for walks again, and maybe even that some of their pain is gone, they should be able to walk like they used to.

Just because your dog is old and considered a senior, doesn’t mean you have to give up on them. From cart sizes ranging from Mini, Medium, Large Re-enforced, and Quad Carts, as well as a weight class from 5 lbs to 180 lbs, there is a mobility device that your beloved pet can fit into, so lets get rolling!

HandicappedPetsCanada is here to provide Canada’s aging and disabled pets with mobility aids, harnesses, slings, ramps, boots and more. Visit our website , or give us a call for more information. We are also PetAccessSolutions, with small to Xlarge pet doors, electronic ones, and installs available in doors, walls or glass!

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